I. Foundations: Asian America Then and Now

Week 1:

Monday 1/7
Introduction, Class Policies
Situating the Transnational Turn in Asian American Studies.
Discussion of Flight Paths, mediation, and contemporary transnational movement.

Wednesday 1/9

“Asian” Jon Kup Wei Tchen, “Ethnicity” Henry Yu, “Race” Roderick Ferguson, “Asians on the Rim,” Arif Dirlik (CR)
“Parallel Penny,” Anthony Wu (CR)
“Driving Steel,” Jeff Yang and Benton Jew (CR)

Week 2:

Monday 1/13
“Theorizing Asian America” Linyan Yang (OPTIONAL)
Writing Diaspora, Rey Chow (CR)
Excerpt: East Meets West, Younghill Kang (CR)
Wordpress (continued)

Wednesday 1/14
“The Third and Final Continent,” Jhumpa Lahiri (CR)
Excerpt: Love Like Hate, Linh Dinh (CR)

II. Re/Dis-Location

Week 3:

Monday 1/21
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. NO CLASS

Wednesday 1/23
Vietnamerica (1-94)
“Drawing Attention: Comics as a Means of Approaching U.S. Cultural Diversity,” D.P. Royal (CR)
Sign-ups for Student Lessons

Week 4:

Monday 1/28
Vietnamerica (95-180)
Workshop with G.B. Tran, MANDATORY! 6:30 pm at the MCC Lounge

Wednesday 1/30
Finish Vietnamerica
Midterm Review
Short Papers Due In Class

III. Multi-cultural/national/racial

Week 5:

Monday 2/4

Wednesday 2/6
Class Cancelled – Blog and Read as scheduled
Through the Arc of the Rainforest: Author’s note, Parts I and II (1-70)

Week 6:

Monday 2/11
Reading Quiz
Through the Arc of the Rainforest: Parts 3-4 (71-138)

Abstracts due during individual meetings

Finish Through the Arc of the Rainforest: Parts 5 &6 (139-212)

IV. Networks

Week 7:

Monday 2/18
President’s Day, NO CLASS

Screening: I Have Found It (or watch on own before Wednesday)

Wednesday 2/20
Discussion of I Have Found It
Virtual Migration,
A. Aneesh
Flexible Citizenship, Aihwa Ong

Week 8:

Monday 2/25
Transmission (1-143)

Wednesday 2/27
Finish Transmission (144-276)

V. Digitizing Asian America

Week 9:

Monday 3/4
Group Lesson Planning

Wednesday 3/5
The Turn Within: The Irony of Technology in a Globalized World,” Susan Douglas
Susie Bubble is a Sign of the Times,” Minh Ha Pham (CR)
Excerpt: Digitizing Race, Lisa Nakamura (CR)
Student-led lessons

Week 10:

Monday 3/11
Student-led lessons cont.

Wednesday 3/13
Student-led lessons cont.
Final Projects Due In-Class

Student Lesson Options:

Unseen Histories:
Digitizing Chinese Englishmen: Representations of Race and Empire in the 19th Century, Adeline Koh
South Asian American Digital Archive
Invisible Australians

Fashion and Style:
Susie Bubble
Rumi Neely
Accidental Chinese Hipsters

Popular Culture:
Hyphen Magazine
Disgrasian.comGiant Robot

Music and Media:
“Gangnam Style,” “Gangnam Style’s U.S. Popularity has Koreans Puzzled, Gratified,” Jeff Yang
Jeremy Lin in China and Taiwan
“National identity, diasporic anxiety, and music video culture in Vietnam” Ashley Carruthers (CR)
“Mirror, Mirror” by Thanh Bui
Selected Paris by Night videos

Asian Australian Film Forum
Peril Magazine
Matt Huynh
Benjamin Law
Mayu Kanamori
#asianoz on Twitter

Gender performance:
Visibility Project
Manila Luzon, Raja Gemini, etc. and RuPaul’s Drag Race
Rice Rockettes
Dickie Jaxxx


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