Group Lesson

In an effort to democratize the learning environment of this class, you are asked to collaboratively teach a lesson on one recent event, phenomenon, trend, or project related to “Transnational Asian America.” This assignment trains you to participate in the making and dissemination of public knowledge with your university-level research skills and resources.

The larger theme tying these lessons together is the Internet and digital spaces and identities, and your lessons should be informed by the arguments made by Douglas, Pham, and Nakamura assigned for these weeks.

The challenge is to research, organize, and present the issue to a general public in three different formats:

  1. A web presence that organizes, frames, and guides the public through the event/controversy and the main concerns or questions it raises. You can provide text, images, data visualizations, links, or any other digitzed data you think brings clarity and depth. Options for a web presence include blogs, Google sites, etc. (Do not spend any money!) All group projects will be posted on our website for public viewing. If interested in visualization or mapping tools, etc. feel free to browse Alan Liu’s Digital Toy Chest for Humanities Research. (5 points)
  2. An oral presentation to an imagined audience. You can be inventive here: the audience (our class) may be a group of foreign correspondents, venture capitalists, or just a general public. One or more representatives may undertake this part (but you will be graded as a whole). The lessons are 15 minutes, followed by a 15-minute guided discussion. (5 points)
  3. A short 1 page handout accompanying the presentation: use this as a tool or supplement rather than a summary of the talk. A rule of thumb might be to give data you think might clutter the talk; the main lines of argument; and/or the related issues you might not be able to cover but just mention in your talk. You are welcome to be creative here and can make fliers, pamphlets, outlines, etc. Send me the handout beforehand and I’ll make copies. (5 points)

You may choose from one of the following topics or you may suggest an original one. We will form the groups according to your research interests, so let us know if you have something in mind that is not represented here. You are asked to think about how the media on the subject shape, reflect, or respond to the history, trajectory, or experiences of Asian America, and then present your conclusions to your imagined audience.

Student Lesson Options:

Unseen Histories and Archives:
(Elizabeth, Jarrett, Kelly, Han Dean, Lisa)
Digitizing Chinese Englishmen: Representations of Race and Empire in the 19th Century,
South Asian American Digital Archive
Invisible Australians

Fashion and Style:
(Alexandra, Min, Jonathan, Lucia, Ashley, Michelle)
Susie Bubble
Rumi Neely
Accidental Chinese Hipsters

Popular Culture:
(Samantha, Danielle, Alison, Johna, Rishi)
Hyphen Magazine
Giant Robot

Music and Media:
(Annie, Rebecca, Victoria H., Charlie, Hannah, Raffi)
“Trying to crack the top 100,” NYT
Bruno Mars, Far East Movement lead Asian-American pop music wave taking over the Billboard charts,” NY Daily News
“Gangnam Style,” “Gangnam Style’s U.S. Popularity has Koreans Puzzled, Gratified,” Jeff Yang
Paris By Night

Gender performance:
(Robert, Andrew, Laura, Emma, Jenny, Sapir)
Visibility Project
Manila Luzon, Raja Gemini, etc. and RuPaul’s Drag Race
Rice Rockettes
Dickie Jaxxx

Asian Am Athletics
(Mladen, Kevin, Victoria L., Nicole, Whitney)
Jeremy Lin in China and Taiwan: “National identity, diasporic anxiety, and music video culture in Vietnam” Ashley Carruthers
Asian American Sports Stars at Asian Nation
Rick Quan Interviews of Asian Am athletes at Hyphen Magazine


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