In order to incorporate discussion and reflection of the course material beyond the limited boundaries of the class, we will all be participating in discussions of course material (and then some!) in the form of blogs and comments.  To facilitate the participation of all class members, this class will be split up into eight blogging cohorts, each cohort blogging once over the course of the quarter.


Each week, individual bloggers will each respond to the week’s readings and topics. The entire group will moderate and respond to comments, each person spending particular time with comments to his/her blog.

Practical details:

Each blog post must be a minimum of 250 words, and must be published to the course blog by 3:30pm, on the Tuesday before our Wednesday class meeting. The students who are not blogging that week will then have 24 hours to respond to those blog entries in the comments. Bloggers should periodically check in and respond to those comments.

They can be written as a critical reflections, expanding upon readings with examples from course texts or elsewhere, or a provocation to elicit the response of classmates. If stuck, return to the course questions and think about how the texts illustrate responses to  or complicate those questions.


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