Body Shopping

I enjoyed learning about the transnational labor force in the Body Shopping chapter of Aneesh’s book Virtual Migration.  Reading personal anecdotes from such workers sparked a lot of questions in my mind. I was previously under the impression that the majority of workers were grateful for the opportunities they were given by overseas companies but […]

Flexible Citizenship and Flexible Conceptualization

The piece of flexible citizenship introduced interesting concepts reminiscent of using intersectionality when thinking about the experiences of minority groups with intersecting identities. Globalization and transnationalism, according to Aneesh, must be redefined and re conceptualized to add various aspects that affect individuals. Aneesh emphasizes the need to redefining these terms, in order to incorporate the complicated relationship […]

To be Real…Or not to be?

After completing Through the Arc of the Rain forest we all have undoubtedly noticed the repetitive themes of the commercialization, exploitation, and destruction of nature. The question I ask is how productive, or successful, was Yamasita in utilizing Magical Realism in order to convey these themes? Once she decided to do research on the Japanese […]

Virtual Migration vs. Body Shopping

As I read Aneesh’s Virtual Migration, I realized many aspects of globalization from a business aspect that I was completely blind to before. The term virtual migration that Aneesh coined in this piece was what sparked my interested in the subject. Due to technological advances, India and America have becomes so interlinked with business, but […]

Supernaturalism and Lottery.

In Through the Arc of the Rain Forest, almost every character has a supernatural thing that they depend on or believe in. Even the story is narrated by the mysterious ball that stay with Kasumasa all the time. Kazumasa, Batista, JB, and Chico Paco have achieved fame  due to some supernatural or uncommon events or features. […]

Magical Realism and the Environment

After our close reading essays and midterm, I found myself delving into Through the Arc of the Rainforest in an analytical frenzy, obsessively searching for connections and thematic clues, ways that I could link this novel to the landscape of literature our class has studied so far. But as quickly as a few pages into […]

The BALL? really!?

I figured that someone would have already posted a blog about the narrator of “Through the Arc of the Rainforest,” however since no one has done so, I will open up the discussion about this BALL.  So, I’m sure everyone had a different reaction upon finding out the narrator was a sphere hanging on Kazumasa’s […]