WhitneyWhitney Andresen is a second year Global Studies and Sociology student at UCSB. She aspires to work with a non-profit organization to lead students in volunteer opportunities around the world as well as possibly joining the Peace Corps. She enjoys Thai food, traveling, kayaking, random photo shoots, and improving her clumsiness.

AnnieAnnie Belfield is a third year English major from Los Angeles, CA. She recently transferred from Washington University in St. Louis to be closer to home and because she absolutely hates the cold weather. In between Wash. U. and UCSB, Annie took a year off from school during which she did a variety of internships in TV story and character development. She has two dogs, Heidi and Flora, that her family rescued last year.

RobertRobert Bitsko is currently a 3rd year English Major and Gay and Lesbian Studies Minor. Before coming to UCSB as a transfer student from Los Angeles City College, he worked for a Chinese freight company by LAX as their Air Imports/Exports coordinator. His interactions with his co-workers both in mainland China as well as Hong Kong piqued his interest in Asian and Asian-American culture.

emmaMy name is Emma Boorman. I am a third year English major who just transferred from Sacramento City College. Sometimes I go outside if I hear about a good punk show or restaurant.

michelle bMichelle Brodney is a 3rd year under graduate student at UCSB.  Majoring in English with the intention to one day make it into law school and become a big time lawyer.  Her interest of studies are race and gender equality, as well as, the functions of society and how it perpetuates and grows in terms of power structures and technology within our society.  She also loves cats.  The end.

Photo on 2011-07-18 at 15.23Samantha Burke (@sammiebee11) is a second year English major hoping to become a High School English teacher. She enjoys reading and writing poetry as well as singing even though she is not very good at it.

jonathanMy name is Jonathan Chow. I am a second year at UCSB. My friends say I am obsessed with Korean dramas and actors. I would say this is… correct. I love talking about the dramas I watch and I enjoy following up on actors I like. I do like watching Korean dramas right before I sleep. I feel like it takes my mind away from the stress of the day right before I sleep. Also, I love shopping both in stores and online. I enjoy looking at the season’s trends and what I think I would want to buy. I follow GQ magazine and tend to observe what people wear and Korean dramas. I like to incorporate popular trends with my own style when shopping around. Finally, I love playing pc games(Steam!), if I have time. This usually means winter break or summer. My favorite part is getting on a voice chat with my hometown friends and playing a game of our choice.

charlieCarla “Charlie” De Santiago (@msanimanga) is a third year English major at UCSB. Her interests vary, but they include reading, writing, watching films and television shows, listening to and discovering good music, singing, blogging and collecting derpy pictures of Lea Michele. She spends most of her time running her tumblr blogs, writing fanfiction, making graphics in Photoshop, and participating in collaborative writing groups on tumblr.

raffiRaffi Djenderedjian is a third year English major. His literary interests include John Steinbeck, Mark Twain, and the literature of Los Angeles/Hollywood. He enjoys watching classic movies and road tripping across America and its cosmic culture.

jarrettMy name is Jarrett Dutra. I am a fourth year Global Studies Major. I’ll be graduating in March, and afterwards a new life shall undoubtedly begin. I am an optimist, it makes no sense to me not to be one. My intro is short, and so is life so let us live it without hesitation.

My name is Evergreen, and I am a nature person. I love plants in particular, that is why my name will be Evergreen. I hope to have a garden of my own in the near future and to produce my own fruits and vegetables. It is not only a very great way to relieve stress, gardening also connects me to the natural world which is something we fail to do nowadays.

alisongAlison Green is a fourth year CCS Literature major with a minor in Education. She is Editor-in-Chief of WORD Magazine and Into the Teeth of the Wind poetry journal. She is also a member of Right Side Up Poets, a spoken word group on campus. She doesn’t have any free time, but if she did, she would spend it surrounded by the finer things in life, such as cats and cheap wine. After graduation, she plans to take a year off to travel, read, write, nap, and eat delicious things before applying to grad school in New York.

luciaLucia Gorostiza is a third year Global and International Studies major. She is Mexican and American and speaks three languages. She cannot be far from the ocean wherever she lives and enjoys wine, food, cheese, music,  traveling, and dancing to Mexican banda music.

rishiRishi Gupta is a 4th year English major from Orange County, California who will be attending law school after graduation from UCSB. My interests are punk and hardcore music, bodysurfing, and traveling. He keeps himself pretty busy most of the time, but no matter what he always find time to have a beer with his friends.

victoriaVictoria Haines is a third-year Communications and Sociology major. She is hoping to graduate this summer and eventually pursue a career in music management. She enjoys playing guitar, taking naps, going to concerts, and drinking Thai tea boba.

harwoodLaura Harwood is a third year Literature major in the College of Creative Studies pursuing a minor in Feminist Studies.  She is a McNair Scholar interested in feminist studies, disability studies, and critical theory.  She is also certified pool lifeguard with an affinity for breakfast burritos.

hannahkHannah Kim is a third year Communication major at UCSB. She is Korean. Her academic interests include learning foreign languages and investigating communication processes in different forms of media and cross-cultural situations.  She enjoys reading, cooking, playing the piano, painting, and watching movies.

kellyKelly Larocque is a Global Studies major focusing on Latin America and Iberia and graduating in June 2013. She has many interests, but her favorites are hiking, surfing, snowboarding, traveling, and spending time at the beach and with her husband.

Victoria LoyVictoria Loy (@vicloy) is a fourth year Sociology major with a minor in English. She is a Chicana from the San Fernando Valley who plans to pursue a career in business. She enjoys eating popcorn, drinking horchata, and reading. She loves baseball and bleeds Dodger blue.

photoAshAshley McNertney (@Ashley_Kraal) is a fourth year student majoring in Communications at UCSB. She grew up in Indonesia and currently resides and commutes from West Hollywood. She pursues acting and singing and used to work behind the scenes in music. She loves her dog Deja, traveling, hiking, and writing music.

JennyNJenny Nguyen is a transfer student from the Bay Area majoring in Biopsychology. She used to be a die-hard Philosophy major, but if she could go back (it’s too late now, because she’s admitted into the major) and do what she wanted, she would double in Art and English. Her interests include learning, complications in life, alliteration, the color black, her younger siblings, technology, self-indulgences, and epiphanies. She will probably find everybody on Facebook. However, feel free to add her:

sapirSapir Paulette Ohayon is quite unhappy to say she is in her fourth and final year at this unbelievably beautiful school known as UC Santa Barbara.  She is majoring in Economics with the intention of one day owning her own restaurant, hotel or working aboard a cruise line.  Her career goals follow her strong passions of food, culture and making people happy.  After an incredible study abroad experience in Jerusalem, she is more in touch with her Israeli roots and hopes to see the rest of the world one day soon.

securedownload 20-55-48Nicole Okada is a second year Linguistics major with a minor in Speech and Hearing Sciences. In the future, she hopes to become a speech pathologist and help children with developmental disorders. She enjoys reading classic novels, listening to weird music, taking random photographs, and dancing at all times.

263317_2259112121277_1385034_nKevin Paul is a fourth year transfer student from Los Angeles Pierce college. He is majoring in Asian American studies with a minor in philosophy and will receive a professional certificate in Exercise and Sports Science. He was formerly a competitive martial artist and is currently a competitive professional gamer. After graduating he will most likely join the Air Force unless another opportunity presents itself.
DanielleHello! My name is Danielle Poitras and I am a third year English major. My academic interests include literature studies, philosophy and psychology. Outside of school, I love to read and explore the outdoors.
podestaRebecca Podesta is a fourth-year Global Studies and English major at UCSB, with aspirations to become a journalist. Her passions include traveling, vegetables, the color orange, cooking and baking. Having grown up on a farm in Northern California, Rebecca never forgets the grace of Mother Nature and enjoys the ocean, the mountains and everything in between. She faithfully trusts in beer, loud music and cookies to wash away a bad day.

Mladen Popovic is a second year Environmental Studies/Geography double major. He was born in Belgrade, Serbia and moved to the States as a toddler. He enjoys football, soccer, basketball and most of all, sunny days! If you are a Lakers fan then you are already a friend

Johna Reisch is a second year English and Sociology double major who is interested in becoming a high school English teacher. She is passionate about studying race, gender and class issues and the influence that they have on American history and politics. She enjoys long conversations with friends, eating delicious food, becoming too emotionally invested in television shows and playing with her two cats and dog back home. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she looks forward to getting out and traveling the world one day and seeing all the different ways that people live and interact all across the globe.

lisa sLisa Schwartz is a fourth year biopsychology major from San Antonio, Texas. She enjoys nature and learning about science. Her favorite book is The Giver.

DSC_0080Jenna Scyde is one of Santa Barbara’s leading advocates for the destruction of socially prescribed gender roles and expectations. Her work includes combatting hate, promoting acceptance, spreading awareness, and sharing understanding between different communities. She makes appearances and speaks to classes at UCSB, puts on productions to raise funds for the Pacific Pride Foundation, and does much advocacy work for those that are marginalized within the queer community. Her hair is insured for $10,000, she does car commercials in Japan, and her favorite movie is Varsity Blues. One time, she met John Stamos on a plane, and he told her she was pretty. Jenna Scyde is a professional– always fabulous, always on point.

elizabeth s. Elizabeth Stewart is a fourth year Asian American Studies major at UCSB. She enjoys reading, writing, and late night conversations with both friends and strangers. After graduation she hopes to go on to get her Masters of Library and Information Science and become a professional librarian or archivist. Or maybe she’ll do something else. Who knows? WordPress blogs are new to her, so please be kind. She’ll be blogging with the best of you soon enough.

han deanHi! My name is Han-Dean Wang, you can call me Dean. I’m the guy on the left of the picture. I transferred from a community college in the Bay Area last fall as an economics and accounting major. I’m super excited to be at UCSB and finally experiencing the “college life” that all of my friends have been raving on and on about for the past two years. When I’m bored, I like to play soccer, jam, rock climb, cook, read manga, and watch sitcoms, Asian dramas, and scary movies. After graduation, I hope to get my CPA license and work for one of the Big Four auditing firms.

minMin Zhang is an undergraduate student from UCSB majoring in Geography. Because of her major, she often need to create and design maps. In her free time, she very much enjoys music, HK drama, food and vacations!


Anne and Al

Anne Cong-Huyen (@anitaconchita) is a PhD candidate in English at UCSB. She teaches classes on the literature, film, and digital media of Asian America, ethnic communities of the U.S., third world women and third world feminisms, global cities, and more. She enjoys beer, food, travel, Korean dramas, trashy TV, and taking photos of her cats.


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