Course Questions

  • How do you define “Asian American” considering the increasing porosity of national borders caused by imperialism, postcolonialism, globalization, neoliberalism and transnationalism?
  • What does “Transnational Asian America” refer to?
  • How do the words “home,” “guest,” and “host” change due to migration, exile, and asylum?
  • How do gender and class complicate the narratives?
  • How do families, communities, and individuals adapt and change in the face of these shifts?
  • What cultural forms and genres have been taken up and why?
  • Although Asian American writers embody their home culture’s identity in a directive fashion, what influences has American literature and society had on their writings?
  • Where do Asian Americans stand in terms of cross-sectionality? More specifically, being Asian American as well as identifying with another trait of “diversity.”
  • How are Asian-Americans viewed by Asians still living in Asia today? Is there a significant disconnect?
  • How does literature influence the definition of “Asian American?”
  • How are Asian Americans  represented in mainstream media and how are those representations problematic?
  • How would Yamashita’s inclusion of a homosexual character in her novel change the readers interpretation of romantic and homosocial loss?
  • How are traditional gender roles displayed in contemporary Asian-American Gay literature?
  • How has masculine/feminine stereotypes  been displayed in contemporary Asian American Literature? In regards to transnationalism?
  • What factors drive an Asian to call themselves Asian Americans? Are there any social and political limitations to this term?

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