Go out with a bang!

I feel as though I should add one last final blog entry before the end of the quarter for fun, so here it is… All and all, this entire quarter we have focused on the migration and integration of Asians, as well as, Asian Americans within society.  We have read many different novels and articles […]

Midterm help

Hello all, so I was very ill on wednesday and missed the midterm review.  So if anyone could share with me what I missed i’d be eternally grateful. Thanks a bunches :]   Feel free to email me at mbrodney@aol.com

What to write about?

Well I m sitting here thinking of what possibly I could write about and I am stumped.  I could tell you my opinion on the Vietnamerica whether it was good or bad.  Or I could write about what happened in the story, but the problem with that is we all already know what happens in […]

The Beginning…

Coming into this class I had an understanding that we would be discussing the issues and historical events of Asian Americans throughout history and today.  However, my question regarding this course is the female perspective as an Asian American and what affect it had upon them in terms of literature.  So in other words, What […]