Group Lesson Schedule

Wednesday, March 6 Unseen Histories and Archives: Elizabeth, Jarrett, Kelly, Dean, Lisa Asian Americans and Sports: Mladen, Kevin, Victoria L., Nicole, Whitney Monday, March 11 Popular Culture: Samantha, Danielle, Alison, Johna, Reisch, Rishi Music and Media: Annie, Rebecca, Victoria H., Charlie, Hannah, Raffi Wednesday, March 13 Fashion and Style: Alex, Min, Jonathan, Lucia, Ashley, Michelle […]

Things Asians Hate

I keep meaning to share this with you guys and forgetting, so here it is: “Things Asians Hate,”  by comedian Eliot Chang. Some of the assumptions underlying these questions relate to the readings we’ve done on defining “Asian,” which are very much tied to understandings of nationality, origin, and otherness that are based upon preconceived […]

Tao Lin

Here are some links to a literary/art figure that was brought to my attention by our classmate, Laura. He might be a topic of interest for a final project… Tao Lin – Interview for Vice “The Professional Sasquatch” for Esquire I’m trying to figure out what to make of this interview, but it’s very interesting to see […]