Things Asians Hate

I keep meaning to share this with you guys and forgetting, so here it is: “Things Asians Hate,”  by comedian Eliot Chang. Some of the assumptions underlying these questions relate to the readings we’ve done on defining “Asian,” which are very much tied to understandings of nationality, origin, and otherness that are based upon preconceived […]

Perception and Understanding

There are three large points of misunderstanding or skewed perception in Tran’s Vietnamerica that really stand out to me: 1) The most obvious of which is Tran’s own negligence and ignorance toward his family’s history and tribulation 2) Dzung’s lack of appreciation and sentiment for the familial artifacts Tri Huu has held on to for years […]

What to write about?

Well I m sitting here thinking of what possibly I could write about and I am stumped.  I could tell you my opinion on the Vietnamerica whether it was good or bad.  Or I could write about what happened in the story, but the problem with that is we all already know what happens in […]

Reproductive Fitness?

After finishing Vietnamerica, I rolled around onto my back and plopped myself there for half an hour. Just staring. Ceiling therapy. Cried a little. A lot. Before I get carried away with this one required blog post, I will try to keep it unemotional and non-bias. It’s just quite difficult when you feel like you […]

Tao Lin

Here are some links to a literary/art figure that was brought to my attention by our classmate, Laura. He might be a topic of interest for a final project… Tao Lin – Interview for Vice “The Professional Sasquatch” for Esquire I’m trying to figure out what to make of this interview, but it’s very interesting to see […]